Hi pretty people!

Hope y’all have been awesome?

Let’s just say I’m kinda back to blogging and stuff, lol.

This post is about how I spent my weekend (Saturday specifically).

I attended the Becoming conference hosted by the Beautified Network.

It was a faith based event packed with amazing speakers, very cozy spiritual atmosphere, lots of hugs and pretty much tears.

In summary, I’d say we had a therapeutic session with the Holy Spirit – just unwinding and letting things go, finally.

The event started with networking, shopping, taking selfies and all those good stuff.

It was officially opened by the host, my crush by the way, Adenike and a short opening prayer by Mimi of Inspired Single Ladies.

Next was an opening address by the convener Funto Ibuoye and an intense 1 hour worship session which can’t be described with words as always.

The first speaker was Ijeoma Ndukwe – CEO of Bubez Pap.

Here are some takeaway points

  • Life is a journey. Everyone is unique; your journey is peculiar to YOU.
  • All the answers to questions as you strive to fulfill your purpose is in YOU.
  • All things work together for good Β to those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). See the good in E-VERY-THING. Blindly trust God.


  • The choice of becoming and be someone in live lies in your hands.
  • God is resting, He has finished everything about you from the foundations of the earth. He knows about your challenges and disappointments, He permitted them for a purpose. Just trust HIM.
  • Every setback, victory, pain, disappointment you face was done and dealt with from the foundation of the earth. God’s got you dear. It’s all part of your becoming story.
  • What’s the worse thing that can happen? As long as it’s not unto death, we’d come out of it alive.
  • Don’t let anyone define you. They don’t know your story.
  • The journey of becoming is not a ‘money making journey’. It’s a journey to self fulfillment and making impart. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, you are just a VESSEL.
  • WHO ARE YOU? That’s the first step to becoming.
  • Positive affirmation and thinking cures depression.
  • You can become ANYTHING you set your heart to become.
  • What has God put in your heart that you are allowing circumstances, situations, troubles hinder? Whatever you are going through can be worse than it already is.
  • Always remember, God won’t give you more than you can carry. He’s with you on this becoming journey.

Next was Spoken Word by Amakason.Β She spoke on the Butterfly and its Cocoon.


  • When David killed Goliath, it wasn’t because of the pressure he applied on his catapult but his alliance with THE ONE WHO NEVER MISSES A TARGET – GOD. David wasn’t the one who pulled that catapult.
  • A caterpillar that never passes through the stage in the cocoon would never come out a butterfly.
  • Take the first step on the water and walk on it.
  • Obedience is not the absence of a reason to disobey God but it’s taking steps towards the instruction irrespective of the fear you feel.
  • We are supposed to be SHEEP, they don’t ask questions, THEY JUST DO.
  • Connect your ear drums to the sky and do as you are told.
  • The woman who will truly rise are those who have learnt to be SHEEP.

Next was a short break, cocktails, cupcakes, more selfies and a musical presentation from some guys I was crushing on (they can sii-iing, plus they are fine – not my fault).

The 2nd speaker was Tope Olagbegi of Sixth Sense Interiors.

  • Becoming is not a destination. It’s an unending, evolving journey.
  • Be content and satisfied at every phase on this journey.
  • Life goes on even when you are faced with adversities. Brace up and face your reality.
  • What are you doing with your pain?
  • Who needs a clique when you are going somewhere? Not everyone would understand your process, don’t waste time trying to explain or please everyone, KEEP MOVING.
  • The journey of becoming is not about us staying in a spot and thinking we have arrived – WE NEVER ARRIVE. It’s about expanding the vision per time.
  • 7-10 days, the caterpillar is incubating. In the cocoon, it has everything it requires to break-forth despite the discomfort. You have all you need to BECOME. They are weaved up in the discomfort and pain in your cocoon.
  • The journey of becoming is never complete if we are our own lord; take instructions.
  • Obedience is key in becoming. Hearken to the voice of the Lord. What is God saying to you in each stage?
  • This journey starts with you and your determination to not allow your pains and challenges define and distract you. The journey starts when you find you, it continues as you discover yourself.

Next up was Eno Jerry. Her session started with a short but powerful prayer session. She spoke on Prophetess Deborah – Judges 4.

  • The relationships we are connected to either adds or subtracts from us.
  • Strategy, planning and execution are right but nothing beats prayer.
  • Good relationships can take you to the next level.
  • War on your knees not with your mouth.
  • As ladies, pray that God makes you a WIFE not a KNIFE.
  • God needs to make us before we head into marriage.
  • Be a woman full of thanksgiving despite the process. Thanks-givers are never in the majority.
  • Learn to strike a balance in your career, business, spiritual and family life. None of them should suffer. Set your priorities right and adjust when one part is suffering.
  • Invest in the spiritual, pray in the Spirit.
  • Don’t labor on anything that is not destiny defining.
  • Be grateful for what you have and be content.
  • When God made you, He made you. Even though our dreams might be intertwined, no one is a prerequisite to fulfill God’s dreams for your life.

Next was TY Bello – PAIN CHANGES YOU.

  • Every woman is pregnant – spiritually.
  • We are all becoming but becoming what?
  • Pain. The only thing we don’t realize is that more than our determination, goals and dreams what really changes us is PAIN. Everyone is in pain, disappointment and these change us daily.
  • 2 Corinthians 3:18 talks about us looking at God’s word like we’d look at a mirror daily and behold God’s glory in our lives but most times we don’t always see the glory, we see our pains and it changes us.
  • Some people allow their pain to make them harder instead of stronger. Disappointments, lack, pain sets you up for who you are going to become.
  • Who you become is how you let you pain hit you.

I want to feel it till I am broken; I want to feel it cause You can heal me.

  • Come face to face with the reality of your pain, the rejection, face it. Tell God how it hurts and ask Him to take the pain and not waste it but use it to make you stronger.
  • Don’t feel discouraged when you walk into a new phase. YOU ARE MADE TO THRIVE.

We ended with a healing session where we just poured our hearts to God asking Him to not waste our pain but use it to make us stronger.

If you read this post till this point, I want you to say the above prayer and just let go of what ever pain and disappointment you feel. There’s no point using your pain to build walls of rejection around yourself. Your pain should make you STRONGER not HARDER.

Love and Sunshine.




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