Hi beautiful people,

It’s Friday morning in this part of the world.

Hope we all had a terrific week and can’t wait to rest or ‘parrry’ this weekend.

I won’t be traveling as usual this weekend, so I’d have time to finally sleeeeep 😁

July has been amazing for me and my brand as we’ve been nominated for not just one but two awards.

The first is for my Organic Beauty Brand, Shanyi Organics and the other is for my personal brand aka ME, lol.

More than nominations, getting this awards would mean so much to me and my brand that’s why I’m posting it here.

In other words, I need your help to get the awards. We need your votes.

The voting process is really easy. Here goes.

1. Shanyi Organics have been nominated for “THE BEST NATURAL HAIR PRODUCT IN NIGERIA” Category in the “AfrikinkyAwards” organized by @AfricansGoneNatural.


3 easy steps to VOTE for us.

1. Click the voting link


(Please note you must have a Google email account in order to vote)
2. Sign in with your google account
3. Navigate to the Best Brand category and choose @shanyiorganics. Make sure to click submit at the end of the process for your vote to count.

That’s all. Pretty easy right?? I told ya!!

Voting actually ends today, please don’t procrastinate, VOTE NOW.

Thanks so much in advance.

2.Β SME Nigeria is currently compiling nominees for the 25 under 25 Enterprising Youths award and of course I’ve nominated MYSELF cause I know I deserve it.


I need you to nominate me too via this link. It’s quite easy trust me.


Here’s my details you’d need.

Just copy and paste on the page

Thanks so much. I’m counting on all of you to get this.

Fullname (required)
Grace Chinomso Okoli

Email (required) okoli.chinomso@yahoo.com

Phone Number (required)

Country (required) Nigeria

City (required) Ibadan

Age (required) 24

Business Name Shanyi Organics

Nature of Business (required) Organic Beauty Brand (Health/Beauty)

Profile (required)
Grace Chinomso Okoli, fondly called Shanyi, is a 24 year old passionate African woman.

She’s a serial entrepreneur, God lover, inspirational speaker, organic enthusiast, modest fashionista, lifestyle blogger amongst others.

She hails from Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria and is the 2nd out of 5 girls (popularly called β€˜The Okoli Sisters’) born into the home of Pastor and Mrs Okoli.

A graduate of Microbiology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 2014, alumni of the Central Bank of Nigeria Enterprise Development Centre in 2016 and currently selected as one of the successful 1,000 entrepreneurs in Africa for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurial Programme in 2017.

Her journey to self discovery and entrepreneurship started in 2015 from a seemingly bad situation or delay in being mobilized for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps. The one year delay led her to self discovery and later the identification of a problem/vacuum in the Organic Beauty Industry in Nigeria.

After much research, formulations and testings, she launched her first business Shanyi Organics in January 2016, an organic beauty brand that focuses in the formulation and sales of hair and beauty care products targeted at the Afro textured woman and her family.

One year later in 2017, Shanyi Organics was nominated by BelleAfricana ACE Awards as β€˜BEST EMERGING BEAUTY BRAND’. This was no easy feat.

She is currently working on two business enterprises Shanyi Couture and TSL Pieces which are still in their pre-launch states.

Shanyi is also an Inspirational Speaker, Clarity Coach and Lifestyle Blogger, aiming to use her experiences and voice to stir up a passion for WHOLESOME LIVING among the millennials as well as the younger generation, to be the BEST VERSIONS of themselves by living deliberately and harnessing opportunities in their immediate environments.

She does that by sharing daily inspirational tips and tricks derived from her experiences and everyday scenarios on her blog and YouTube channel. She also just launched a mentorship program, Mentorship by TSL as a means of helping those she inspires live a more deliberate life and SMASH THEIR GOALS!

That’s it guys. I believe we can bring this awards home.

Thanks so much.

Love and Sunshine



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